This is my first blog

In a couple week i have new world

The world that i’ve never think before

The Story began when i when to Open Source Conference In Sukabumiwest java

I meet a lot of friends around the world who gave me a lot of knowledge

One of them is Sari, a housewife with one little indigo boy

She told me a lot of think, one of them is about family

is was out of my imagination what kind of woman that i will married someday

and will be a woman beside me till the end of my live and a mother for my children

My criteria is so simple first she must same religion with me so i hope i will happy with her in the world and in the paradise. with good religion we hope Allah will tell us the right way to live in the world and get something to prepare to live in the paradise

the second one is The principle of the life, if we have someone beside us that have same mission and vision about how we live in the world, there will be a strong connection to reach a goal of life

the third one is beauty, i think the most important is inner beauty, beauty of her heart will give me a peacefull life for me, like Siti Khadijah And Fatimah, Rasullulah Wife and children

Fourth i think she must be independent to responsible for her life, someone who respect & responsible about her life will be ready to create a Sakinah, Mawaddah and Warohmah Family and be ready to be a head of family if something happen with her family, she will be a strong woman that protect her children from any kind of danger. She will be give her priority to her family.

The rest i think everybody know that we all like a physical beauty, smart, humouris etc

and you know that after that conference, something strange happen

Everybody i meet everyday ask me when i get married

before that conference i just ignore that question with a little smile, but now everybody around my world ask the same question, what happen with me i just think deep inside my heart

I just think, Is a sign from Allah that i must married to completed my religion?

that think just around of my mind everyday

until someday one of my friend told me that he have a good friend that ready to married

hehehe i just laugh in my heart, that he is my friend number x that offer me his sister, friend etc

but i don’t know i try to follow my heart, i hope Allah will give me a lucky to find someone special that will live with me till the end of time.

i try to think i hope i got a someone that different with me to complete my weakness, i’m just a simple & shy young man that live in small city like bekasi

i’m not dream that i will married with a Fairy or celebrity

Alhamdulilah thanks to God that i think i had find that fairy, Fairy that Allah Willing to be my wife and mother of my children, someone beside me that will create together a building call Family

I think she is the best gift from Allah for me now

and i’m very thankfull that if Allah will granted my wish to live with her

now i have conviction inside my heart that i will be married her soon and i’m not shy to tell everybody that i will married end of this year or next year

but i realize just Allah that know what is the best think for us

The only thing a human kind can do is just try the best we can and pray that Allah willing with our effort.

I hope this journey will be end with happy ending for us that Allah willing with our wish